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    Co musíte vidět

    pankratium - Haus des Staunens

    The House of Amazement

    The House of Amazement will leave no one unmoved and its name truly reflects what it is all about:
    A well-orchestrated journey through a magical world of the audio-visual, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a universe of sensual perceptions. Everything turns, moves, flows, runs, with sounds coming out of pipes and funnels...

    Granatium Radenthein

    Granatium Precious Stones

    The GRANATIUM, an extraordinary family-friendly theme park all about the "stone of love and passion", is located in the centre of Radenthein. To spend enough time in our experiential world, you have to calculate approx. 2 hours for your visit.

    Eagle Show Landskron

    Eagle Show Landskron

    The primary aim of the eagle show is to let people have a closer approach to birds of prey and owls and to transmit some knowledgeable facts about them.



    Carinthia's most beautiful lookout point - It is like a dream come true - You will stand there on the lookout platform and gaze out on the magnificent landscapes which lie at your feet.