Dnešní počasí, 21. September 2018

wind in exposed higher regions: West to southwest with 10 to 30 kmph
In the morning fog disappears quickly. Then, very sunny and warm weather dominates.

zítra, 22. September 2018

wind in exposed higher regions: Northwest with 20 to 40 kmph
Till noon rainy. In the afternoon only few rain showers and clouds break up.

Sunday, September 23

Clouds breaking, becoming more and more sunny though the day. In the evening clouds appear in the west.

Monday, September 24

Cloudy with some rain showers in the morning, with strong northerly winds sunny through the day. Cooling.

Tuesday, September 25

Sunny weather with harmless clouds. With strong northerly winds rather cool. Only at the main ridge of the Tauern denser clouds and some snowfall.

Wednesday, September 26

Changing cloudiness with longer sunny phases. Again rather windy and cool.

Thursday, September 27

Partly cloudy with longer sunny phases. The temperature slowly rises and wind goes back.

21.09.2018 - 05:38 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia