Bring the ‘Taste of Childhood’ to Life Again

Frozen pizza, hamburgers, etc - for many modern children, fast food will probably be the defining taste of their youth. Smartphones and tablets are their playmates, the couch their playground...but take a look back: climbing trees with your best friends, building a raft and eating freshly-baked bread, sweet, fragrant tomatoes and freshly-picked raspberries by the lake - being a kid again. In Carinthia, in the south, where you went on holiday years ago and where you love to return to today with your own children to share the best memories from back then, to experience them together once again - or to discover new memories for the first time. Searching for the ‘taste of childhood’.

Geschmack der Kindheit - Apfelernte Mostbarkeiten

Fresh apples

It is a feeling of freedom and trust. Running barefoot over warm summer meadows, laughing as you fall into the soft grass, looking up into the sky and pointing out fanciful shapes in the clouds of the southern sky. Stray blades of grass in your tousled hair, and later answering the call of your parents and grandparents to let you know that the picnic is ready. Fresh, regional ingredients from Carinthian Alpe-Adria cuisine are waiting. Here in the romantic mountain villages and lake valleys on the southern side of the Alps, people rely on tradition and hand-made foods. They give their products time; time to ripen and flourish. 

Years later, taking a holiday in the south again you have the time be a kid again for the length of your visit, to bring the ‘taste of childhood’ to life again. Long ago, you peered curiously over your shoulder at the cordial hosts as they baked fresh bread, and you waited with excitement until the golden-brown bread was pulled from the oven. There was a distinctive aroma that wafted through the house. An aroma that makes you relive happy memories of beautiful, carefree holiday moments.

A feeling of tranquillity. Jumping into the warm lake water with your friends during light summer rains and joyfully trying to catch the darting fish with a homemade fishing rod. You can experience such lovely, carefree days today, albeit somewhat more calmly. Experience this feeling of adventure anew with friends and children. Be excited when discovering secret places in Carinthia’s natural and cultural landscape, roam through light-flooded forests, marvel at magical waterfalls and, of course, venture a step behind the roaring water. 

Because who knows? It may conceal an enchanted cave. Creep around legendary mountains and castles, risking a look behind the high old walls; didn’t you just hear a noise back there? Climb to the treetops, prove your courage, feel great and valiant. Let your dreams fly where they will and let them give you the courage to take in all of Carinthia from the lookout tower of the Pyramidenkogel at Lake Wörthersee. 

Soon after, dive into the glittering lake water with only yourself and the enchanting turquoise aquatic scenery for company. Then discover dreamy islands with the rowing boat, always accompanied by the warm rays of the sun. Enjoy exuberant, carefree summer days with the family, today as you did back then.

Video Clips ‘taste of childhood’

It is ultimately a feeling of safety. Here in Carinthia, where you can rediscover the ‘taste of childhood’, and the joy of it brings a heartfelt smile to your face. Carefree, as you were in childhood.

Video Clips

Re-experience the ‘taste of childhood’:

Anfischen am Millstätter See
Sam Strauss
Lake Millstätter See

Reinankenfest (Coregonus Festival)

on Lake Millstätter See with Anfischen (the first community fishing of the season),
May 2018 

Geschmack der Kindheit - Naturgut Lassen Spass im Heu
Franz Gerdl
Naturgut Lassen

Holiday on the Farm in Carinthia

More than 107 farms

Geschmack der Kindheit - Heu Käuterdorf Irschen
Sam Strauss; © Kärnten Werbung
Kräuterdorf Irschen


Irschen Herb Festival, July 2018 

Lesachtal Valley Bread Festival, 2 – 3 September 2017 

Dnešní počasí, 03. October 2023