Villach Automotive & Radio Museum

Our museum tells the story of the 1950s motorisation dreams.

Before that, people would take the train or bus to go to a summer resort, and now, they would simply drive to the border or the sea with their own car.This brought not only wanderlust but also independence, freedom, and prestige. These everyday vehicles from back then are nowadays our vintage cars and our museum has 260 of them from 1927 to 1990! The radio museum is located on the first floor. We also offer an all-day five-o’clock tea with juke box and hits from the wild rock’n’roll era. 


Villacher Fahrzeugmuseum
Ferdinand Wedenig Straße 9
9500 Villach-Zauchen
Tel: während der Öffnungszeiten: +43 4252 33031
Mobil: 0676 4007125 

Opening hours

Open daily, all year round (also on Sundays and holidays)

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