Small mountain lake Meerauge

“Once upon a time, two oxen pulling a wagon of hay sank into the deep: it was all over in seconds. There was nothing to bear witness to their fate, to the dark horror. Not a ripple, not the least thing, was to be seen. It wasn’t until weeks later that the yoke of the oxen was found drifting in Lake Veldeser See on the other side of the mountain!”

Meerauge im Bodental

According to the legend of the Meerauge (whose depth is still a matter of guesswork) it’s supposed to be connected underground with the lake of Bled, Veldeser See. Be that as it may – the next time you’re in the Rosental, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go on an excursion to the Bodental Valley and hike to the shimmering, turquoise Meerauge. It lies 1052m above sea level, and is accessible via a well-secured steep track. It can easily be reached from the inn Gasthof Bodenbauer, which is situated at the end of the Bodental. An ideal hike for young and old!


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Meerauge Bodental

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